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Underpass Endemic dark indemnifies the night. Much madness undermines the roundabout: directions redirect the recondite from hypogean lower-level, out in ways that liberate but lose the art. Give way: there is no artery without

Sea Glass

Sea Glass This weathered jewel began as normal shards of shattered glass, but given enough time and natural persistence from the seaboards, that sharp, translucent, brittle crystalline material, just so much composite sand, is ground from broken bottles or even distant shipwrecks until sharp edges become smoothed and round. This cocktail of colour, found among … Continue reading Sea Glass


Ariadne It was amazing luck, to get that clue. Threading between the darkened outer rooms he sought escape, the bull’s head in his arms. The bass was thumping as the blood within. She, grateful for assistance, guided him outwards, his half-drunk feet still holding true. They bounced it past the guards. So they were free: … Continue reading Ariadne

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